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December 1, 2010 NFL Football

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An NFL game schedule review shows that the San Diego Chargers have to travel the most of any team with the Patriots not far behind. The 2008 NFL schedule has a lot of interesting matchups, some revenge for the teams, others for the players.

NFL game schedule quirks show that Michael Turner of Atlanta returns to San Diego in Week 13. The NFL game schedule shows that Julius Jones of the Seahawks returns to Dallas on Thanksgiving Day. Some interesting coaching matchups occur on the NFL game schedule. Rookie head coach John Harbaugh of Baltimore goes against his former mentor, Andy Reid of the Eagles when the two teams meet in Week 12 of the NFL game schedule. Washington’s Jim Zorn goes back to Seattle in Week 12 of the NFL game schedule where he was quarterbacks coach. An interesting matchup late in the year will have the top two picks in the NFL draft going at each other on the NFL game schedule. It will be the Dolphins Jake Long facing St. Louis’ Chris Long.

The 2008 NFL schedule is the last one for Seattle head coach Mike Holmgren. He will face four of his former assistants this season in Zorn with Washington, Reid with Philadelphia, Dick Jauron in Buffalo and Jon Gruden in Tampa Bay. A playoff rematch of the NFC Divisional round occurs in Week 6 of the NFL game schedule as Green Bay plays at Seattle. The Giants and Cowboys also meet twice this season on the 2008 NFL schedule, the first game on November 2nd in a rematch of last year’s playoff game in which New York upset Dallas.

The NFL game schedule on a week by week basis is always unpredictable with many great games. The NFL is full of parity and you never can tell which teams will rise up in the standings. You have the traditional powers like New England and Indianapolis but every year a team like Cleveland comes from nowhere to make the NFL game schedule even more interesting. That should happen again on the 2008 NFL game schedule.

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