NFL Gambling before the West Coast is Awake

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL gambling odds shift primarily as a result of how people tend to be wagering on a football online gambling match up.

NFL gambling action is often placed right before a game kicks off, but NFL gambling enthusiasts certainly do not have to wait until the last minute before placing their wagers on a football online gambling match up. In fact, the NFL gambling odds for many games will change between the time they are released and the time when the football online gambling match up begins. Therefore, by NFL gambling early one can sometimes find the best possible NFL gambling odds. One strategy that East Coast NFL gambling fans can use is to wager early in the morning before the West Coast is awake.

In other words, if most NFL gambling fans are wagering on one side then the NFL gambling line will be altered to make that side less appealing. For example, if most of the NFL gambling action is favoring the Eagles -4, then the NFL gambling line may be shifted to -4½. Therefore, those NFL gambling enthusiasts who wagered on the Eagles early will enjoy better odds than those NFL gambling enthusiasts who wagered on the Eagles later. This phenomenon is the reason why it is often advantageous to wager on the football online gambling odds early, as long as value is present.

East Coast gamblers have an advantage over their West Coast counterparts when it comes to getting early NFL gambling lines, simply because of the differences in time zones. East Coast gamblers who wake up early on NFL Sunday can start wagering on the NFL gambling odds before most West Coast gamblers are even awake, thereby possibly enjoying NFL gambling lines that West Coast gamblers will never see. For this reason, East Coast gamblers should always check the NFL gambling odds early in the day and not hesitate to wager on any existing value.

This is not to say that East Coast gamblers need to be at their computers checking the betting lines at the crack of dawn, but there is no reason to wait until very late in the afternoon. As for West Coast gamblers, there is obviously nothing that can be changed about their time zone. Therefore, if West Coast gamblers want to enjoy this NFL gambling advantage then they do, in fact, need to wake up very early and immediately check the NFL gambling lines.

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