NFL football gambling Formula

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL football gambling players that allow one single handicapping factor to override all other factors is usually looking at disaster.

One thing football betting players must realize is that very rarely does one thing work all of the time.

NFL football gambling information is available all over the Internet, on TV, on the radio, etc, and that means it is rare that anything goes undiscovered for long. In a sense there is no secret formula to winning. When we say there is no one factor that overrides everything else in nfl football gambling we should talk about what that means. You might find a handicapping factor that does work well for a while. The problem is finding that one thing that doesn’t change from game to game or year to year. For example, let’s say you find that teams with a rushing advantage in a matchup are winning against the spread on a regular basis. The problem with this nfl football gambling factor is that it can change. It might not work the next time. So while we say that one nfl football gambling factor usually doesn’t guarantee success, it can work for a while. That is in a sense the biggest trap for the online football betting player. It looks good for a little while.

Let’s look at another example for the nfl football gambling player. You very often see that some players will focus on the weather in late season NFL games. They will continually bet the bad weather games under the total. The problem with this nfl football gambling factor is that the sportsbooks know it too. That is why one secret formula usually doesn’t last for long. Yes, if the sportsbooks were unaware of the football betting factor it might have a greater chance of success in the long haul but things like the weather are just too well known. Anything that is easily accessible on the Internet in terms of stats probably won’t work over the long term in football gambling.

There are other nfl football gambling factors that go into handicapping that people believe will work over the long haul that don’t. You look at rushing statistics, passing statistics or particular line value factors. These football betting factors may work for a while but they usually don’t hold up over the long term. That is why there usually isn’t a secret formula. Even though we have said all this that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look for a single nfl football gambling factor. You may eventually find it. Just make that one factor you find stand up to the test of time. That is the bottom line. If you find a secret formula in nfl football gambling make it

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