NFL Football – Chiefs at Packers

December 5th, 2019 NFL Football

As we prepare for another 2015 NFL Regular Season Monday Night Football game, this Monday the 28th of September 2015 we have a great match-up coming our way as the Chiefs of Kansas City 1-1 travel to Wisconsin to play the Packers of Green Bay 2-0.

The early odds at SBG Global for those that Bet on NFL football has the Packers of Green Bay favored at -6 ½ with the Over/under at 49 and -300 on the Money Line, while the underdog Chiefs are +6 ½ and +250 on the Money Line.

Coming into this game the Chiefs are seeking a win over the Packers to forget about their loss to their division rival Denver 31-24 last week. The Chiefs actually led the game by 7 points in their showdown with Denver last Thursday, and then Denver scored 2 TD’s in less than 1 minute in the game.

You may ask, how did that happen, well 1st QB P. Manning engineered a 10 plays 82 yard drive that ended with QB Manning connecting with E. Sanders for a 19 yards reception and TD. Then the game buster was when Denver CB B. Roby grabbed a fumble made by Chief’s star RB J. Charles, and Roby took it for a TD with seconds left in the game to give Denver the victory.

Their Coach Reid said it’s very simple, when the team has stats like we had; it’s tough to win as we had 5 turnovers and some 70 yards of penalties in the game.

Thus the Chiefs have yet another tough game as the play the Packers at Lambeau where the Green Bay has won their ultimate 10 games at home. Plus their opposing QB Rodgers had his 18th game at home with no interceptions, after their victory last week over the Seahawks 27-17. QB Rodgers, the reigning NFL MVP, since back in 2012 has some incredible statistics in that has passed the ball some 540 times for a total of 43 TD’s and that is with QB passing rate of 124.0 and that includes postseason games. In last week’s game over the Seahawks GB QB Rodgers passed for 2 TD’s as he completed 25 of his 33 pass attempts. That win avenged the loss the Packers had in the NFC Title game when they lost to Seattle 28-22 after they lead by some 12 points with only 3 minutes left in that game. Thus, the win took the monkey off their backs.

The Packers Coach McCarthy reminds his players of the last game between these 2 teams was back in 2011 with the Packers at 13-0 and they lost to the Chiefs 19-14 as the Chiefs sacked QB Rodgers some 4 times and only allowed him to complete some 17 of his 35 pass attempts in that game.

And yes in this upcoming game the Chiefs bring a good pass rush to the competition, as they have had 8 sacks to date, and their J. Houston has had at least 1 QB sack in their last 8 games, and in 2014 he led the league with 22 sacks.

Thus the GB offense will have its work cut out as they attempt to curtail the Chiefs Houston since they are without starting RT B. Bulaga to a knee injury. Meanwhile, QB Smith at Denver was intercepted twice in their loss, but in the 1st game he performed well, while passing for 3 TD’s and completing 22 of his 33 pass attempts that went for some 244 yards. This will be QB’s Smith and QB Rodgers 3rd face to face game, and in the 1st 2 games they each won 1 game and the 3rd was won in the 2012 season by QB Smith.

What’s amazing about this game is that it’s the 1st time the Chiefs have been to Lambeau field since back in 2003, and they are with 7 wins, 2 losses and 1 tie in their series of game with Green Bay.

It is predicted that the Packers of Green Bay will beat the Chiefs of Kansas City by some 7 points in the game.

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