NFL Football Betting season come back in August

NFL Football Betting Online Odds to Come Back in August

May 15th, 2018 NFL Football

No sport on earth compares to pro football as far as popularity.  Not to mention betting action generated.  In fact, NFL football betting brings in the most dollars of any sport.  More than all of the other sports combined.  There has never been a better time to take part.  NFL Games run August through February.  But you can gamble on the NFL all year.  Futures wagering is a popular method to bet pro football in the offseason.  Actually, there is not realty an offseason anymore!

Perfect Sport for Television

Pro football is known as the perfect sport for television.  Fans can watch any of the games on the schedule.  NFL Red Zone allows you to see every scoring chance of every game.  There is prime time action three nights a week.  A minimum of six games per week are featured nationally on TV. This only serves to generate public gambling desire.  Because each team plays only 16 regular season games there is more meaning.  Intensity is higher than in other sports with more games.

Betting on Halves

Access to every game has made betting on halves highly popular.  Players will often “thread the needle” on halves.  Meaning gamblers often end up betting on both teams in a game.  But at far different prices.  Opportunity for action is virtually limitless.  You can bet a game over and a half under.  Or one team on the second half point spread.  Even as you bet the opponent with the money line.  And many do just that!

Futures Betting

There are many ways you can take part in the excitement of wagering on the NFL.  Futures betting includes odds on a team to win the Super Bowl.  You can also get odds on a team to win its conference.  Or even its division.  Over/Under win totals are among the most popular futures options.

Win Totals Betting

Win totals betting has become a science to countless gamblers.   An example would be the New England Patriots at 11.5.  You would bet over if you think the Pats will win 12 or more games.  Or chose under if you think they’ll win 11 games or less.  Each NFL team will have a win total posted.

Sides and Totals and Props

There are numerous ways to bet on an individual game.  NFL football betting includes sides and totals.  Money line action is also a favorite for many.  You can also bet halves.  Proposition bets are incredibly fun.  Props can include total yards by a player.  Touchdown passes by a quarterback is another.  Total receptions by a player in a game can be another prop.  And much, much more.

Money line

Money line betting is a great way to pick a winner without worry about a cover.  Nothing is worse than picking a team that won but didn’t beat the spread.  With the money line you simply pick the winning team and lay out odds.  Betting a favorite by money line is a smart choice for many.

NFL Preseason Stats in August

NFL preseason sportsbook action begins in August.  The regular season begins in September.  Playoff action starts in late December.   Super Sunday occurs each February.  No event in sports is bet more than the Super Bowl.  Its becoming a worldwide holiday.

NFL football betting at SBG

There is nothing like NFL football betting.  It’s a thrilling way to try and win money.  Beyond that its highly topical.  Millions of fans talk about their pro football bets constantly.  With so many options the action simply doesn’t end. Now is the best time to get started.  Check out the latest NFL betting odds.  You can get into the action today!

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