NFL Football Betting Line Components

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Football betting lines are not always set based on power ratings and talent. They are usually set more on what the public likes in NFL football betting.

Football betting components in NFL wagering are important to consider each season. Keep in mind that when the football betting oddsmakers set the NFL football betting line they are trying to create an equal attraction. The ultimate goal for the sportsbook is to make a football betting line that will appeal to bettors on both sides of the game.

Football betting lines are made by oddsmakers located at offshore sportsbooks and by some people in Las Vegas. This leads to one of the biggest misconceptions that you will get from the media, which is something along the lines of the “experts” having thought that one team is seven points “better” than the other in a game lined at minus seven, (or whatever the price ultimately is in football betting). That is not always true in football betting. The NFL football betting lines that you see are not based on a pure number of merits, but rather a combination of the merits of the teams along with, just as importantly, the public perception of those teams.

Keep in mind that public perception is everything when it comes to NFL football betting lines. For example, if the Pittsburgh Steelers are at Houston to face the Texans the line might have Pittsburgh favored at -3 points in football betting. The reality could be that the game should be a pick in football betting but the public loves the Steelers so the line is shaded toward Pittsburgh. When you look at the NFL football betting lines keep in mind the general components that go into it. The football betting oddsmakers start with public perception but they also include home field, basic statistics, and intangibles like revenge or weather. This is important to consider because if it was as simple as the stats then people would win money at football betting and that is not usually the case.

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