NFL Betting Gamblers

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL betting gamblers can be categorized into different groups.

You have the professional bettors, the public player, the systems player and the parlay and teaser player. Let’s look at each of these football betting gamblers.

NFL betting professionals are few and far between. These gamblers will often be the individuals that move the football betting lines first, or come back late right before kickoff with a surge going the other way. NFL betting gamblers may also tinker with trying to middle or hedge on games, and may work in networks with other gamblers trying to play pointspreads or totals off each other. The pro gamblers are the ones that sportsbooks respect because they have had success in the past.

The NFL betting systems gambler will spend a great deal of time coming up with formulas or other NFL betting theories that he will then use in a system. While rarely successful or profitable, the system player is a level or two higher up the football betting pole because they are able to maintain some level of self-discipline.

The public NFL betting gambler is a guy that knows every player, coach, stat, and story about pro football. The problem is, however, that the NFL betting public gambler has very little knowledge about pro football gambling and does not understand line value. These NFL betting players are a dime a dozen and are oftentimes involved in fantasy football leagues and handicapping contests. These NFL betting gamblers do it all, but rarely make money. In fact, one of the great ironies about NFL betting is that the people that do know the most about pro football, the guys who can name the last player on the roster, are often the least successful at beating the football betting pointspreads.

The other type of NFL betting gambler is the player that just takes his shot with parlays and teasers each week. He will rarely play any game straight but always throws together parlays. This gambler is the type that the sportsbooks love. Parlays and teasers appeal to the masses because they offer big payouts.

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