NFL Football Betting Breakdown

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL football betting is the game of choice amongst most gamblers.

To win money when you make football bets there are a number of things to consider. Let’s look at handicapping NFL football betting.

NFL football betting handicapping doesn’t have to be complicated. You can keep things simple when you make football bets. One way to do that is by making football bets on teams that can run the ball. A team can pass and fling the ball all over the field but they normally have to run the ball effectively at some point to win games. Beyond that, a team that can rush the ball effectively will keep the other team’s offense on the bench, which establishes firm control of the game and often serves to either demoralize their opponents or make them harried and panicked.

What also can go along with teams that can run the ball in NFL football betting are teams that can stop the run. You will find that over the years the teams that were most effective at stopping the rush were the teams that were making you money in NFL football betting. A team that can stop the rush, just as a team that can establish the rush, is a team that will control the tempo and ultimately reward you in NFL football betting.

Another area that gets overlooked in NFL football betting is the kicking game. Parity is the name of the game in NFL football betting as there is very little difference in the ability of the teams. Any team that can block kicks, return kicks, and make field goals is a team that can give you a “lucky win” in NFL football betting and those teams that give up big plays on special teams and lack a good kicker cause a lot of “bad beats.”

More wagers are won and lost in NFL football betting and more games are won and lost on the NFL fields due to turnovers and penalties than any other factors. Teams often beat themselves rather than suffer defeats at the hands of their opponents and teams that constantly shoot themselves in the foot make for bad beats in NFL football betting. You don’t want to be making football bets on teams that constantly turn the ball over.

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