NFL Football Betting 101

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL football betting is the way many gamblers get involved in sportsbook betting. People win and lose more money at football gambling than any other sport by far.

NFL football betting can be profitable but it can also be costly if mistakes are made. The reasons that so many different individual gamblers lose at football betting are surprisingly similar. So many different individual gamblers end up making the same common mistakes.

The first major mistake is that too many gamblers are using the same information from the same sources and with the same spin. Gamblers will handicap and wager on NFL football betting from a reactive rather than proactive stance. The worst thing about this is that the oddsmakers are fully aware of this, and adjust the NFL football betting lines accordingly to meet consumer demand.

When you first look at the NFL football betting lines and react in a quick fashion to a matchup, beware and try and tap the breaks on yourself, as immediate reactions are often typical reactions and there is no football gambling value in thinking in the way that the oddsmakers expect from you.
When you are looking over the board, do not use the media as a guide for your wagers. Instead, if you use media and the “word on the street” as your leading guide to making wagers, you are setting yourself up for failure as the oddsmakers read the Internet and chat boards to.

NFL football betting losers have a lack of respect both for the line and the oddsmakers. They really think that they are going to outsmart the oddsmakers and find weak lines. The average gambler is never going to outsmart the football gambling oddsmakers. The winners at NFL football betting, on the other hand, have a deep respect for the oddsmakers and rather than think that they are going to outsmart them, they instead try and learn to think like them. As the old saying goes, “if you can’t beat them, join them” and that is how intelligent gamblers approach NFL football betting.

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