NFL Betting – Winless Colts host Bengals in Thursday Preseason Action

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

There are not going to be many people that want anything to do with the Colts in NFL betting on Thursday night after what happened to them last week.

The Colts don’t win much in the preseason anyway but last week was an embarrassment as they gave up 59 points to Green Bay.  Making an NFL bet on the Colts in the preseason has been a quick way to lose money.

NFL betting numbers will likely favor the Bengals in this game simply because the Colts are so horrible in the preseason.  And this is nothing new. It seems the Colts lose all the time in the preseason but in the regular season they turn it on and do just fine.

Bengals Backups vs. Colts Backups:  This is the fifth preseason game for the Bengals since they played in the Hall of Fame Game and it is the fourth preseason game for the Colts.  Neither team is going to play their starters long, if at all.  The game is all about the backups.  When it comes to backup players the Colts are simply not very good.  Backup quarterback Curtis Painter has been awful in the preseason and he will probably get most of the snaps on Thursday.  He was six of eleven last week with an interception. His quarterback rating was 46.4. At least the Bengals have a quality backup to Carson Palmer as J.T. O’Sullivan has played well.  Even third string quarterback Jordan Palmer is better than Painter.  If the Colts were playing Peyton Manning and the starters then they would be worth a look but without the starters, the Colts are simply a bad football team.

Anyone Motivated:  Is there any motivation for either of these teams?  The Bengals have played four games already.  They have nothing to prove so they just want to get out of this game and go home.  The Colts backups probably do have some motivation to play better but after last week’s disaster, bettors are not going to want to take them.  The value in this game is on the Colts but do you really want to make an NFL bet at Sbg on a Colts team that is 9-23 in the preseason since 2004?

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