NFL Betting Totals

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Many NFL betting gamblers ignore the totals and get infatuated with side wagering. As you look to bet football online this season don’t forget the totals.

NFL betting totals or over/unders as they are known are another popular way to bet football online. NFL betting totals are when you bet on the combined score between two teams in a game going over or under the number set by the oddsmaker.

NFL betting totals are not as popular as sides but they do get some play from gamblers that bet football online. Let’s look at an NFL betting example. Let’s say that the San Diego Chargers are playing the Kansas City Chiefs and the NFL betting odds read San Diego -8 with a total of 41. The Chargers are favored by 8 points in the game and the total is 41. If the Chargers and Chiefs combine to score less than 41 points the game is considered an “under” in NFL betting. If they combine to score more than 41 points, however, the game is considered an “over” in NFL betting. If San Diego beat the Chiefs 31-17 the combined score would be 48 making the game an “over.” The same holds true if the Chiefs beat the Chargers 31-17 as the winner of the game is of no relevance, its all about the combined score with NFL betting totals. If San Diego beat Kansas City 23-10, the combined score would be 33, making the game an “under” in NFL betting

Just as is the case with pointspread betting there is a ten-percent “vig” charged by the sportsbooks for handling action on NFL betting totals.

Keep in mind that NFL betting totals are set similar to pointspread sides. This means that totals on games in which a high score is expected will have high numbers and expected defensive struggles will have low numbers.

Factors such as weather and injuries often drive the public one way or another on totals, often making the opposite way the value for gamblers that bet football online.

Go beyond the obvious and look at NFL betting totals this season and you may be rewarded.

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