NFL Betting: The most exciting sophomore players

July 2, 2014 NFL Football

Once going through their rookie season, a whole new sets of expectations are placed for second year players in the league and NFL betting fans are now more familiar with the abilities of these players. So, who are expected to bring on top form performances to the gridiron? We have selected our top picks that will bring some action into the league and bring more excitement to football betting this year.

The first player that we must put on this list is Sheldon Richardson. The DT/DE from the New York Jets had a phenomenal rookie season, standing his ground into one of the teams top defensive lineman. Richardson was regarded by many as a top candidate for rookie of the year. The way he performed and early reports for OTA’s are stating that there is no signs of Richardson loosing any steam. Quite the contrary, expect him to solidify his spot as one of the top players in the league.

Eddie Lacy from Green Bay, gave an impressive performance last year when the team needed help the most. His game was one of the key reasons the Packers reached last year’s Playoffs. Now, with the aid of a healthy Aaron Rodgers, if Lacy brings the same intensity he was showing last season. NFL betting fans can expect him to continue exploding into the league.

The Detroit Lions have found in offensive guard Larry Warford a diamond in the rough. Last year his performance took the league by storm and catapulted him as one of the most surprising rookie players of 2013. Now he might not be all that known outside of Detroit, but this years things might change for Warford as his name surely will be brought up in the best offensive guards discussion amongst football betting fans.

Finally, we must include San Diego Charger’s Keenan Allen. The Wide Receiver was not expected to be much of a decisive factor last year. But, the third round pick appeared to have a chip on his shoulder and a drive to prove naysayers wrong. Boy did he.  Now he is being regarded as one of the most complete wide receivers of 2013 rookie class and with now entering his second season with more feel of the game, he is expected to step his game up and become a solid option in the Chargers offense.

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