NFL Betting Summer School

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

A gambler that fully participates in football betting, whether it is college football betting or NFL betting will face the weekly task of analyzing a lot of games.

Just the mere thought of such work is incredibly intimidating to anyone who considers the tremendous time and effort involved in doing a thorough job at analyzing football betting lines.

The first task that an NFL betting player must undertake is developing a NFL football betting system that eliminates the garbage and points the bettor to the real candidates and possible good values on the NFL betting board.

The first way for a gambler to cut the fat is to set his own NFL betting lines that he can then compare to the actual lines released by the sportsbooks. You must have this done before the sportsbook releases their lines. Where there is a large disparity between the gambler’s and the sportsbook’s lines, there is potential for NFL picks.

Another important factor is for an NFL betting fan to spend considerable time in the off-season doing research on the pro and college teams to learn their tendencies and characteristics. You will find that the most successful NFL betting fans are tremendous students of gambling itself and instead of pouring over personnel moves and recruiting pages they pour over past results of the teams and study how they react against the NFL betting lines to various situations.

Preparation in NFL betting is the gambler’s key to success. As he studies each team and all of the results from the previous NFL betting seasons he can slowly develop an oddsmaker mentality and begin to train himself on how to spot and read traps on the football betting lines. Going over past results and taking into account what went into the line that was posted can help a gambler anticipate such situations occurring again in the upcoming season. While the players, coaches and teams may change, the same football betting criteria and situations occur over and over again.

Students of  NFL betting who study situational handicapping are ready to pounce once the season begins and without having to do a lot of monotonous work and study as they have already developed specific criteria to look for in a matter of moments. Students of NFL betting should get a firm grasp on such topics as how the line is set and teams react to the results of the prior game(s) for each team, certain angles such as revenge, Monday Night, homecoming, etc. Then there are the injuries and other intangibles that could alter the football betting lines. Just as important, when studying, a gambler should try and interpret why the line was set the way it was and how the public masses were likely driving those NFL betting lines. The better prepared on NFL betting a gambler is at situational NFL handicapping, the more confidence he will have and the less time he will waste on needless time consuming work that is often reactive rather than proactive.

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