NFL Betting Strategies for Totals

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL betting on totals can be profitable if you consider the many handicapping factors. One thing to consider in football betting totals is the weather.

NFL betting on totals will never be as popular as betting sides but it does have its place.  There are some things to consider in football betting when you look at totals. Let’s consider some of these as we look at NFL betting strategies for totals.

NFL betting on totals is really very easy.  You just predict whether you think the game will go over or under the point total listed.  You just add the score of both teams together to find out if you are a winner in totals football betting.  NFL betting totals are not as popular as betting the pointspread because bettors would rather concentrate on a side rather than a total. When sports bettors do bet the NFL total they usually focus on taking the over.  It is hard for the average sports betting fan to cheer for an under.  You will also see NFL betting oddsmakers compensate for this fact and raise the number on big TV games.  This leads right into handicapping football totals. 

With big marquee matchups you always want to look at the under first.  You don’t always bet it, but look that way first in NFL betting.  We also want to make sure and get the best possible number because every half point can make a big difference.  When looking at NFL betting totals we can start with the easy things.  The total number of points scored by each team home and away in their previous games is a good place to start.

We can break it down further and go into what each team averages at home and on the road in football betting.  These two figures will give us a basis for how the NFL betting line is made and give us a place to start.  We can also look at past meetings and see if we can gain a further edge against the NFL betting line.Bad weather can really make a total move because everyone loves to play the under. Whenever you are looking at NFL betting totals always remember to check the weather. 

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