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December 1, 2010 NFL Football

As you get involved in NFL betting you will learn that bad beats and tough losses will inevitably occur

Trying to get even is only going to dig a deeper hole into which you may never be able to get out.  You must learn that the NFL betting season is a marathon and not a sprint.

Many times lessons are learned in nfl betting because of mistakes being made in trying to chase losses.  Once you start chasing losses it is very difficult to stop because all of us have the mentality of not wanting to lose money in football betting.  What is required as an NFL betting player is the discipline to understand that one loss or even two or three losses does not make a season. If you think of an NFL betting season as a seventeen week marathon rather than focusing on the immediate game or the week of action you will have a much better feel for the season as a whole and that is critical to success in NFL betting.

The long-term outlook helps a online football betting player endure the bad beats and bad breaks that are going to happen in a long season.  No one is immune to having things go against them in NFL betting.  It is all a matter of patience and discipline and not overreacting to any one thing. When the bad beat happens you can chase the loss and dig a deeper hole or you can show patience and wait for your next strong NFL betting play.  The bail out bet is kind of like the all-in bet in poker.  The all-in bet works every time but once in football betting.  The problem with that one time loss is that it ruins your bankroll.  You can’t get yourself into that type of mindset or that situation if you want to win at NFL betting.  Remember that sportsbooks understand the bail out concept and set up games that look enticing in football betting.  Those games are usually the Sunday night and Monday night NFL games.  They are the big prime time games that end the NFL betting week.  You have to really be careful about betting these games, especially if you have had a tough day.  You are better off passing and waiting until next week in football betting.

NFL betting is tough enough against the oddsmakers without making mistakes.  You can’t expect to win at NFL betting without understanding that patience and discipline are critical.  The NFL season stretches for months and you don’t want to wipe out your bankroll because of one lapse of discipline.

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