NFL Betting Secret

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

The system is easy to remember in NFL betting and you should be getting excellent value on your plays. Keep that little secret in mind as you bet football.

NFL betting secrets are few and far between. The oddsmakers know just about everything there is to know about NFL betting. If you are looking for a secret it is unlikely you will find very many but there is one we have that you can use this season when you bet football.

NFL betting for most people is all about betting favorites. This is no secret and usually doesn’t work very well. One secret you can use as you bet football this season is to go against last year’s Super Bowl Champs. In NFL betting you want all the edges you can get and going against the Super Bowl participants of the previous year has proven profitable. The Super Bowl teams are targeted nearly every game by the opposition and it makes winning for those teams more difficult, and covering the spread more difficult as well. In a five year period during the 2000-2004 seasons the previous year’s Super Bowl Champs were a disaster against the NFL betting pointspread going 27-37-3. That is 60% if you bet against the Champs.

Going against the runner-up also works very well in NFL betting. The effect of losing the Super Bowl has had a huge effect. In that same time period the runner-up in the big game was a horrible 19-42-3 ATS. It happened again in the 2006 season as Pittsburgh and Seattle were rotten nearly all season. The 2007 season saw the secret break even in NFL betting. The Colts went 9-7 while the Bears went 7-9 in 2007 versus the NFL betting pointspread.

History has shown that the NFL is a parity driven league and that means that things change as you bet football. The previous years Super Bowl teams are going to slip. Things change in the NFL and every team has a chance to make the playoffs and that means you get value by going against the Champs. As you continue with your own NFL betting you always want to remember to start by going against the past year’s Super Bowl teams. You have to start somewhere with your NFL betting and that is a great place to begin.

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