The NFL Betting Public

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL betting is unlike many other forms of sports gambling because the public is heavily involved.

The NFL is the most popular sport to watch on television and it is also the most popular sport to bet.  Let’s examine the NFL betting public and their importance.

NFL betting for many gamblers involves taking the popular teams or the favored teams and wagering on them each week.  This public phenomenon is unlike any other sport.  NFL betting gets a huge influx of public money and that money will influence the NFL football betting line.  As part of the public influence you have the sports media, which would include television, sports talk radio, and the Internet.  They all combine to have a significant effect not only on the NFL betting lines but also in how the gambling public evaluates what’s on the board. If the media proclaims something as a forgone conclusion or a virtual certainty, then most of the masses that bet football will lay out their cash based on that media spin. It doesn’t seem to matter that, time and again, the media is wrong about what they say when it comes to its practical NFL football betting application, but the fact is that if the media were a reliable guide for NFL betting, there would be no sportsbooks.

The public that will bet football is, unfortunately, a very easy read. Beyond the fact that they are an easy read, they are also an easy mark for the NFL betting oddsmakers. The public tends to think of NFL betting from a pure vision of logic and what is supposed to happen if everything falls into pattern. And that’s the first big mistake of the NFL betting masses, when they bet football based on what is supposed to happen, because that rarely is what happens. Beyond that, the public will, as they get involved in NFL football betting, tend to go with very predictable reactions. The oddsmakers easily read and anticipate these reactions, and set their NFL betting lines accordingly to meet this demand.

The next time you have a strong reaction to a game on the board and think it is a game that can’t lose remember what we just pointed out in regards to NFL betting.  If you think it is a game that can’t lose, the public probably thinks that too, and we know what happens when everyone thinks something is a sure thing in NFL football betting.

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