NFL Betting Preseason Games

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Many NFL betting players who participate in NFL betting during the regular season don’t bet NFL preseason games.

They think that NFL betting games during the preseason is too risky and too unpredictable. What they fail to realize is that football betting preseason action can be profitable because you can actually predict more than you can during the regular NFL betting season.

What you want to do in NFL betting is isolate NFL games that have a high probability of going like you have foreseen. You are more likely to find these games in the preseason where you actually have an information advantage. The first edge in preseason NFL betting is simply that the NFL betting lines are not very good. The sportsbooks just don’t know very much about football betting preseason games and put out generic lines. They are soft and can be beaten by good NFL handicapping and information.

The biggest edge in preseason NFL betting is in those matchups that occur between a team using a lot of their starters versus a team using their backups, rookies, and reserves. You will find these matchups every preseason. There are also coaches who feel that it is important to win these games, whereas other coaches prefer to use them as games to see players. You can find out which coaches do these things before the games start. Believe it or not it is a good football betting tip.

You have the advantage in preseason NFL football betting. Don’t forget that one simple fact. You can read the game previews, the quotes, etc. You can find out about quarterback playing time, starter playing time and motivations. All this NFL betting info available if you read the papers before the games begin. The oddsmakers don’t read it and oftentimes don’t care about it until they start to get pounded with action.

If you are looking at NFL betting preseason games then you can find definite edges every single week. When it comes to the third and fourth week of the NFL betting preseason, teams start getting serious but even then, you can find edges by reading motivation, playing times, etc.

If you are going to do some NFL betting on the preseason games then know that you can win them if you do the research. Information is everything in NFL preseason betting and the more football betting information you have the better your chances of wining against the NFL betting line will be.

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