NFL Betting Pointers

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Some NFL betting pointers to consider are intangibles such as team morale, coaching, revenge, etc., they merit consideration in football betting.

NFL betting pointers begin with a simple checklist that can guide you to more winners. Let’s look at some easy handicapping factors to keep in mind with football betting. NFL betting is profitable if you have a team that controls the ball.

So, first, who is likely to control the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball? One of the truest and most accurate statistical guides to handicapping NFL games is the offensive and defensive rushing statistics. Teams that are able to stop the run effectively are teams that will not be controlled by their opponents. By the same token, teams that can run effectively not only will control the game’s tempo but also have an extra edge where they are on defense as they are on offense, keeping the other team’s offense off the field.

The next NFL betting pointer to consider is that you want a team with a solid quarterback that doesn’t make mistakes, particularly if that team is an underdog. Teams with a solid quarterback can often sneak through the back door and cover games late in football betting, even in defeat, with effective two-minute drills.

Another NFL betting pointer is to look for teams that don’t beat themselves. Competitive balance is such in pro football that teams often beat themselves rather than be defeated by their opponents. Teams that avoid turnovers and penalties will often make for solid plays in NFL betting.

Another NFL betting pointer to consider is the “sure thing” factor. Is there a game that looks like it can’t miss? If so, get worried, as if you cannot see it coming in NFL betting you may get blindsided. Expect the unexpected in football betting.

An important NFL betting pointer to consider is checking the underdog. Always check the underdog first as that is often where the value is in NFL betting. The NFL betting public is inclined to take the home chalks first, regardless of merit or value, and you are better off looking at the NFL betting underdog when in doubt.

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