NFL Betting Playoffs Favorites

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

The NFL betting playoffs are a great time for football betting fans. You should be aware that NFL betting during the playoffs is a little bit different than regular season NFL betting.

While most of the time the wise guys avoided betting favorites during the regular season, that is not always the case in NFL playoff action.  Sometimes favorites can be a good bet in the NFL playoffs.  Let’s examine the reasons that favorites do better in NFL football betting in the playoffs than in the regular season.

The NFL playoff season is when things get serious for teams.  There are no off weeks anymore and no letdown spots.  Every team gives it their best effort in the NFL playoffs and that means the better teams usually win.  When the better teams win they usually cover the NFL betting lines.  That means favorites are now worth a look in football betting.  Since we know that favorites do better in NFL playoff action we should look first at them. That is the opposite of NFL betting during the regular season when we first look at the underdog. Through the years in the NFL playoffs the better teams usually win.  Parity is definitely a factor in NFL betting but the playoffs are different.  Good teams win and teams that are border line usually lose in NFL betting.  You do need to remember that identifying the better team is not always simple though because the margin between teams seems to be small in football betting.

As we mentioned earlier, there is no letdown once the NFL playoffs begin.  As you consider NFL betting in the playoffs you can throw out some intangibles like letdowns, and revenge spots and divisional matchups.  There is no look ahead in the playoffs and that makes things simpler for football betting players.  Teams have to win the current game to advance in NFL playoff action. Every game is a must win for both teams and that makes things easier for NFL betting players.  You can throw a lot of your NFL betting factors that you looked at in regular season football betting out the window when the playoffs start.
Something else to consider in NFL betting during the playoffs is home field advantage. It is much more important during the playoffs than during the regular season.

Home teams have won and covered the NFL betting pointspread over 60% of the time in the playoffs.  You can’t just totally ignore road teams and underdogs but you can start your NFL betting in the playoffs but looking first at the favorite. You don’t always have to bet the favorite but begin your football betting in the playoffs by looking at them first.

There are not really any secrets in NFL betting in the playoffs.  Keep things simple in your NFL betting as the playoffs begin

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