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December 1, 2010 NFL Football

To win at NFL betting you need to keep it simple, and in control. As you make your football bets this season use the handicapping factors to win.

NFL betting picks are made every single season but millions of people around the world. Successful bettors making football bets have a few core principles that are flexible enough to adjust to the current circumstances of a situation, yet at the same time remaining focused on the central theme of winning money in NFL betting.

NFL betting picks are tough to make if you are not flexible. Too many times in the sports betting world gamblers will spend an incredible amount of research time and effort devising complex formulas and theories that may have proven to work well against past circumstances, but are not that helpful in the current NFL betting environment and they are not helpful in making winning football bets.

The best NFL betting gamblers separate themselves from the pack by coming up with a short list of parameters to weed out the crap from the NFL betting board and narrow down their potential plays to a select few. You can then fine tune those potential plays based on a few simple core handicapping factors against the NFL betting line. There are systems for almost every sport but most are nearly always unprofitable.  And yet too many NFL betting gamblers become stubborn and inflexible against the changing dynamics of NFL betting, particularly in this era of free agency in the pros.

While no theory is going to work all the time, those who pick out between three to five set criteria for a potential play can separate the plays and separate themselves from over 90% of the general NFL betting public that struggles week after week.

A successful bettor will not waver from his selected handicapping factors and but yet be open to looking at what works and what does not. We know that you can technically flip a going and go .500 so if you have some good theories you can increase your chances of success making football bets.

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