NFL Betting Opportunities Abound

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL betting opportunities abound at online sportsbooks.

You have the choice of betting sides, totals, parlays, money lines and even other options like halftimes and propositions. NFL betting is very exciting each season and gamblers that look beyond the obvious sometimes come up with new ways to make football bets.

NFL betting is always changing and gamblers that can think outside the norm are oftentimes winners. Pro football is a fluid game that is in a constant state of change as is NFL betting. The values of a team are just like a stock on the market in that they are in constant fluctuation. This means that a gambler simply cannot ever get too fixated on a methodology and theory and must constantly be looking for new ways to think and bet because the values and the variables will always be changing in NFL betting.

You must remember as you make football bets that an overlay is when a gambler lays too many points or odds on a favorite or willingly bets an over/under total despite getting a less than full-value price. Since an NFL betting gambler is already at a ten-percent disadvantage going in, when he makes an overlay he is making an unforgivable sin as he is adding on to his handicap and the house edge. You have to avoid these trap lines when making football bets.

One area of NFL betting that can be profitable is the parlay. Parlays are a highly popular form of NFL betting. The key to winning at parlays is to select from the largest possible field and to not be too narrow in your search of candidates when making football bets. Instead of just looking over three or four side possibilities out of the thirty-two available if all sixteen teams are in action, why not also include over/under possibilities so that you can double your chances of finding excellent value in NFL betting. Also learn about such techniques as the round robin parlay in which you can group together your top selections in a series of different smaller parlays as something of a hedge towards likelier success in NFL betting. You have to think outside the norm if you want to increase your chances of winning at NFL betting.

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