NFL Betting Online – Bills could be the NFL’s Worst Team

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Quick, Name the worst team in the NFL heading into the NFL betting online season.

You automatically thought of either the St. Louis Rams or Detroit Lions didn’t you?  Well, the team that might outdo them both in terms of NFL betting failure is the Buffalo Bills.

NFL betting online odds lists the Bills with a win total of five for 2010. That means you can bet over or under that number at SBGGlobal.  Just to give you some comparison, the Rams are listed with a win total of 4.5 while the Lions have win total of 5. The different is that bettors are taking the over with both of those two teams. They are not taking the over on the Bills.

Buffalo Offense:  What is there to like about the Buffalo offense?  The Bills have a poor quarterback in Trent Edwards and two running backs in Marshawn Lynch and Fred Jackson that many people have never even heard of.  Lee Evans is a nice receiver but who really cares?  The only glimmer of hope for the Bills is rookie running back C.J. Spiller. Perhaps he can win a few games for Buffalo in 2010.

Buffalo Defense:  If you haven’t heard of many players on the Bills offense then you probably don’t know anyone on the defense.  When the offense is so bad the defense is always on the field so it really doesn’t matter how good they are.  Even a defense like Baltimore’s would get tired if the offense always went three and out.

Outlook:  Is there a chance the Bills can win at least six games this season and go over the NFL betting total?  Of course, but do you want to bet on it happening?  Let’s see if we can even find five wins.  The first four games against Miami, Green Bay, New England and Jets are probably losses. Perhaps they can beat Jacksonville at home in Week 5 but that is no guarantee. They will lose at Baltimore after their bye and probably at Kansas City the following week. They host the Bears and Lions the next two weeks and maybe they can get a split in those two games. They then will lose against the Bengals, Steelers and Vikings before hosting Cleveland. Maybe they can win that game. They finish up with Miami, New England and the Jets.  Do you see five wins with that schedule?

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