Online NFL Betting on Teams that Prefer to Pass

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Online NFL betting requires you to understand the strengths and weaknesses of both teams competing in any given online American football betting contest.

Most offenses in the NFL utilize a fairly balanced combination of passing and running, often favoring the run. Nevertheless, there are always a few teams that pass more frequently, and online NFL betting fans must consider the implications of this strategy when handicapping online American football betting spreads.

Online NFL betting that involves a team that loves to pass offers some challenges, but it can also be advantageous because you know what to expect from the team’s offense. Therefore, when you are handicapping the team’s online American football betting odds you should always pay particularly close attention to the talents of the opposing team’s pass defense. If a team with a pass offense is facing a strong pass defense then online NFL betting on the passing team will appear unattractive.

In the opposite situation you may want to support the passing team even if the online NFL betting spread is extremely high. Such is the case because teams that have success in the air can put lots of points on the board quickly and sometimes score over 40 points. With such a high score it will be virtually impossible for the opposing offense to keep up, so the passing team will win the online NFL betting contest outright and also cover the online American football betting spread.

A similar online NFL betting analysis can be used to look for value in the totals. Offenses that prefer to pass have the ability to score points, as was previously mentioned, so in some instances the teams will easily cover the over/under lines.

On the other hand, such offenses also have a reputation for being shut down by defenses capable of stopping the passing game. Because passing offenses often have weak running games, offenses have little to fall back on if passing doesn’t work. Therefore, passing teams will fail to even come close to the total established in the online NFL betting odds. Because of the strengths and weaknesses of passing teams they tend to go over the online NFL betting total if they cover the spread and under the online NFL betting total if they fail to cover the spread. Consequently, with only very basic handicapping of an online NFL betting matchup you can be fully prepared to place a wager on both the side and total.

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