Win in Football Betting by thinking like a sportsbook

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

As I have mentioned previously, you are not going to make a living at football betting by knowing a lot about pro football.

Why? – Because everything that you know about NFL betting odds is also known by the oddsmakers. The NFL betting odds are expertly and meticulously based on that information and the perception of it by the mainstream football gambling public.

Once you believe that knowledge of NFL odds is not the answer and your mind is open and ready you must then take the next step and think just like an oddsmaker. As simple as this sound it won’t happen overnight. This is football betting, but the sooner that you adjust your entire mindset and outlook based on the vision of the sportsbooks rather than the pro football bettors, (no matter how much they “know”), you will be on your way to separating yourself from the pack and herd of mainstream and “typical” pro football bettors.

To think like an oddsmaker in NFL betting you should develop your own lines before the actual lines come out on Sunday Night. When your NFL betting lines are radically different than the ones put out by the professionals you must ask why the line was put out so differently from what you anticipated or expected. And rather than overreact to a vast difference you should think in terms that this differential could, in fact, be a potential “trap” or “sucker’s bet.” Think about how many times you got burned by being sucked into a football betting line that you thought was weak, only to discover that you were lured in by the experts who keep the neon burning bright.

A “Power Ball Mentality” has no chance in football gambling.

In football betting thinking like a sportsbook also means that you won’t take part in the big money lures that they offer such as parlays and teasers. Sportsbooks don’t offer parlays and teasers because people win by betting them but, rather, they offer these to football betting gamblers because it appeals to the “Power Ball Mentality” of winning big money by laying out just a little. The successful winning pro football betting fan will realize that there is no “easy money” and that these are “come on’s” for suckers. A “Power Ball Mentality” has no chance at beating a sportsbook in football betting.

A “Sportsbook Outlook” will open your eyes

Ultimately, once you get better at thinking like a sportsbook in football betting, you will put yourself on the winning side and against the typical and losing ways of the mainstream gambling public. A “Sportsbook Outlook” will open your eyes to the stupidity and ignorance of losers, and provided that you have proper self-discipline, will put you in a position of power, strength, and profit at the end of the pro football season. Make yourself an football betting expert at thinking like an oddsmaker rather than thinking like a pro football betting fan, as they are a dime a dozen and, in essence, the true builders of Las Vegas with their weekly “contributions.”