NFL Betting Odds Purposes

December 1st, 2010 NFL Football

Part of “preparing hard and betting easy” is defining what the very purpose of you being involved in NFL betting odds is.

Before you look at NFL betting odds or do anything else to prepare for the NFL football betting season as a gambler you should simply ask yourself an honest question and, better still, reply with an honest answer. That question is simple: Why am I going to bet on pro football?

Once you ask that question you should know that there will be a wide variety of answers but there is only ONE that is the correct answer; which is, “I bet on pro football to make money.” If that is not your honest answer then you are wasting your time and money on NFL betting odds.
The vast majority of pro football bettors may subconsciously think that they are trying to make money out of NFL odds but they are really not. It’s all about the “action” to them. Sure, they want to win in some general way but they have no definition of true purpose, other than to guess who is going to cover the NFL betting odds on that day’s televised game.
 “Action” and the so called “need” for it by pro football bettors is the number one reason the neon burns bright in Las Vegas as “action” of itself offers not one intelligent reason to bet on pro football. Those who bet simply to have “action” are losers when it comes to choosing from NFL betting odds.

When defining your purpose, if you’re original honest answer as to why you bet pro football was not the correct one that is ok. There is still time to set your mind and outlook in a way that you will end up working towards that correct answer. Once you decide that you bet on pro football in order to make money from NFL betting odds, and once you make this sincere declaration you will notice how far more disciplined you become and better you feel about yourself as a pro football bettor. By making the firm resolve that when you look at NFL betting odds you are pro football betting to win, and for no other reason, you are on your way to the next step of becoming a disciplined pro football bettor.

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