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December 1st, 2010 NFL Football

Many bettors when they look NFL betting odds start with looking at the favored team and ignore the underdog

Many people look at the NFL betting odds and just want to bet on the best team, regardless of the point spread. That can be a bit of a problem making your pick in the NFL betting odds, because favorites don’t always win. As you look at the point spread in football betting be sure and look at both of the sides and at the total.

As we look at NFL odds the point spread is the first thing staring us in the face. When we look at the point spread first want to ask ourselves whether or not the favorite is worthy of a play. The oddsmakers and the public are going to make you pay a premium price if you like the favorite in the NFL betting odds you consider. This is particularly true in the NFL betting odds, where the public loves to bet favorites. This is not always a bad thing, as some years favorites can win, but in the long-term we want to be looking for reasons to not take the favorite in football betting.

We have to remember when looking at NFL betting odds that it is very hard for the general public to want to bet underdogs. It just goes against human nature. In football betting we want to take the better team. Before looking at the NFL betting odds, what I want you to remember is that the better team doesn’t always win, and the better team definitely doesn’t always cover the point spread. There is that big factor again, the point spread. It is the equalizer when it taking the NFL betting odds in consideration.

Sometimes in football betting when we look at the NFL betting odds and the spread the value will point in different directions. Sometimes a very good team might not be playing as well as they are capable. This team that was overpriced to start the season could be a bargain later on. What you want to remember in the NFL betting odds is that the public and the oddsmakers are very, very slow to adjust. It takes them a while to get certain things out of their head. For example, let’s say the Indianapolis Colts start football betting season strong and run off three straight blowout wins. The fourth and fifth weeks were non-covers, but yet in that sixth week they are still going to be a healthy favorite in the NFL betting odds. The public and the oddsmakers get something stuck in their head and it takes a while for them to get that thought out of their head. The exact same thing happens with the poor teams of the NFL betting odds. A team like Arizona that struggles early may hold that label of a poor team all season, even though they may have improved. You have to remember, especially in football betting, that perceptions are very slow to change. This is a huge tip to remember when wagering on the NFL betting odds.

In football betting you must remember to look for value. I know it is not easy taking underdogs and unpopular teams, but remember that popular teams don’t always win. For these 2007 NFL betting odds, try to take unpopular route if you wish to, as this could be very profitable this football season.

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