NFL betting Odds Percentages

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL betting odds percentages for most gamblers mean that 52.38% is the break even mark.

It is the percentage of games that the NFL betting odds player has to win to break even when laying the normal $110 for every $100. None of us want to just break even in NFL betting though, so let’s look at what return we need to actually make money versus NFL betting odds.

NFL betting odds for many people means getting a return on investment. It is the amount of money you get back in terms of the money you invested. Let’s look at a typical chart that shows the win rates and return of investment as we consider NFL betting odds.

Win Percent ROI


We can see in NFL betting that if we just flip a coin we are going to lose almost 5% of our investment over time. To really make NFL betting odds worth your time you need to hit about 56% of the time. Then you get a return on investment of almost 7%. That is a good return for NFL betting odds. Think about it from the unrealistic perspective of NFL betting. So many people want 50% or 100% in terms of their investment return in NFL betting odds. This shows how unrealistic it is to expect a high return without a lot of work and a lot of patience as you consider NFL betting odds.

Return on investment is always interesting to look at when it comes to NFL betting odds. If you are realistic with your expectations you can really see that NFL betting can be profitable, but that it takes hard work, money management, patience and discipline. It is just like investing in the stock market because it does take effort. You must do the research, manage your money and most importantly, have the discipline required to withstand the ups and downs of the long NFL season. As you look at the percentages needed to win keep some of these things in mind. It is a long NFL season and you need to be realistic with your expectations of what it takes to win.

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