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December 1, 2010 NFL Football

There is no doubt that the most important NFL betting odds numbers are three and seven

They are pretty obvious NFL betting odds numbers since most of the scoring in football happens with touchdowns and field goals.

In NFL betting odds the key number for players to keep in mind is the number 3.  Did you know that the margin of victory of 3 points occurs in about 15% of all NFL games? The second most common margin of victory in NFL games is 7 points with about 8 % of the games landing on the key number of 7.  That means about one in four NFL games land on the key NFL odds number of 3 or 7.  What does that mean to you as a football betting player?

Have you ever considered buying points in NFL betting?  If you have considered buying a game up or down by a half point or a full point you need to know one key thing.  The only number that is profitable for buying points onto or off of is the number three.  Let me repeat that for emphasis in NFL betting.  The only number worth it is the number three.  No other NFL betting odds number matters in the long term in NFL betting when it comes to buying points.  Forget about 6, 7, 10, 14 or any other NFL betting odds number. They are long-term losers when it comes to buying points in football betting.  That means in the long haul it costs you more money than it makes you in NFL betting to buy half points around these numbers.  The number that matters is the number three in NFL betting odds.  Sportsbooks also know this fact and many of them will not let you buy onto or off of the number of three in NFL betting odds.  If you can pay the -120 to move onto or off of the number of three in NFL betting odds then do it but don’t do it in any other football betting situation and that includes college football.  Studies have shown that the only situation worthy buying points in any sport is in the NFL and only on the number of three in NFL betting odds.  That means you have four situations that can be profitable when looking at NFL betting odds.  You can buy -3 down to -2.5, -3.5 down to -3, +2.5 up to +3 and +3 up to +3.5.  Those are the only situations in which buying points is worth it and only in NFL betting odds.  No other sports are worth it for you in the long run and that includes college football betting.

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