NFL Betting Odds Lessons

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Spectacular Las Vegas resorts and casinos are built on the backs and bankrolls of losers. So are the multitudes of online sportsbooks with their NFL betting odds.

The neon has never burned brighter in the history of football betting in Las Vegas and it’s not because folks are winning. But just as the overwhelming majority of gamblers are losers, there are a select few that win and even turn professional at NFL betting odds, making a living at football betting.

What separates these winners from the losers? The answers often lie as much with what the losers do wrong as what the winners do right?

Losers have no sense of direction

The first thing you will notice as you observe losing pro football bettors is that they have too much going on. They have a multitude of wagers from NFL betting odds that include sides, totals, teasers, parlays and perhaps even a money line or two. All at the same time. In summary they have no sense of direction when looking for tips to pick NFL odds.

 Last year in Vegas on an NFL Sunday I visited several sportsbooks during the day as I enjoy talking with a wide variety of football betting players, as this interaction serves me as a continuing education. I still am amazed after all of these years at the continuing stupidity of pro football bettors when choosing from NFL betting odds. These visits and chats just blow me away at how totally clueless most of them are and how they stand no chance at beating the sportsbooks’ NFL betting odds. A lack of focus is going to quickly translate into a lack of a pro football betting bankroll for you.

 Losers are players rather than professionals

Another trait amongst losers that you will quickly pick up on is that they are like children in a sandbox. They simply get off on playing pro football, on having “action” at NFL betting odds and they actually smile when I chat with them, showing me their pocket full of tickets that they have. This behavior tells you all that you need to know when looking at NFL betting odds. Losers are players rather than professionals; they are the wide-eyed tourists rather than the cold-blooded gamblers who are out to make a living by gambling on NFL betting odds.

In part of your continuing education at the school of betting pro football the sooner you realize that you cannot make money “playing” pro football at NFL betting odds but only by betting pro football with the mindset of a sportsbook, you stand a chance. A pocket full of wager tickets may provide a lot of “action” or fun in NFL betting odds and games, but it will also provide pockets that are empty of cash after all the football betting.

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