NFL Betting Odds indicators

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

In NFL betting odds, rather than going through an exhaustive research and study process that consumes all of your time it makes far more sense to operate with a condensed approach

That uses some simple leading indicators of where the best bets likely are in NFL betting odds and once those are identified you can zero in on and focus with more in depth analysis.

An excellent place to start is with any quality team that is getting points. Dogs with winning records are often not only good values but also are likely to be insulted and motivated at being considered the underdog in NFL betting odds. Beyond that, you get to avoid having to lay points with a quality team in the NFL betting odds, but instead get to take points with one, a rare turn of events that often translates into a dog that bites with good value in NFL betting odds. While just automatically taking a quality dog in and of itself isn’t enough, this is an excellent place to start for a top candidate for your NFL odds selections.

Another simple indicator is a streak, either negative or positive. If you bet on a streak, you can lose only once in football betting against a streak may cost you losses over and over again when looking at NFL betting odds. If a team is on a roll against the point spread, or cannot cover if their lives depended on it, it does not make sense trying to guess when the tide will turn. Instead, either ride the streak or avoid the game. The same holds true for NFL betting odds in over/unders as well.

Another excellent indicator is a power team against a poor team according to NFL betting odds. Sure, there will likely be a large lay but it may often be the way to go. It is a good rule of thumb to not ever risk your money on a garbage team, particularly against a quality opponent that is playing well and has something to play for, such as home field advantage.

Yet another indicator is to find teams that are over-valued in NFL betting odds, also known as overlays, and go against them. Some mediocre to average teams occasionally are made too high of home NFL betting odds favorites and their opponents become excellent values as the dog. Many pro football bettors will, in fact, set their own lines and NFL betting odds before the actual numbers hit the football betting boards in order to better judge overlays and find bargains. Nearly every week you will find a line that is way off from what you expected or considered the correct number and once you gain confidence in your sets of numbers, opposing the overlay is a way to profit in football betting.

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