NFL Betting Odds Discipline

December 1st, 2010 NFL Football

Now that you have your NFL betting odds correct purpose stated you must acquire the discipline necessary in order to make that purpose become operational

Discipline is the iron that holds a successful pro football betting fan together and keeps him out of trouble and from blowing his bankroll in NFL betting odds.

What, exactly, is discipline for a pro football bettor? Ultimately the bottom line answer is that discipline is the self conduct of the gambler that allows him to maximize his profit potential and minimize his risks when looking at NFL betting odds, and eliminates all together needless risk.

For example, if a pro football odds fan is having a good early session on an NFL betting Sunday it is NOT a license to start betting more on the late afternoon games or to bet on late games that he originally wanted nothing to do with. In fact, part of being a disciplined pro football bettor is developing the self-maturity to be able to handle success. What is fascinating about so many pro football betting fans is their total inability to stand a good thing and how success actually poisons them. There are eternal litanies of stories about pro football bettors that went 3-2 or even 3-1 and yet LOST money because they simply could not control themselves when they won. This can not happen when taking picks from NFL betting odds.

Once I developed myself into a winning pro football NFL betting fan, when I made a profit on the early part of the Sunday card I would simply not allow myself to end the day in the red. That meant that if I was $500 ahead after the early games I would bet no more than $330 the rest of the day as I was going to end that Sunday with some NFL betting profit no matter what! It also meant that if I didn’t originally plan on having action on late games that I would not all of a sudden decide to play. That epitomizes a lack of discipline and also helps give the sportsbooks their edge back.

Part of being a disciplined NFL betting player is to NEVER give back territory, (MONEY) that was conquered. Beating the NFL betting odds is difficult enough without GIVING AWAY what you won

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