NFL Betting Fans Note $60 Million Dollar Deal for Chiefs Berry

December 1st, 2010 NFL Football

Eric Berry has yet to play a down in the NFL or impact NFL betting odds but the Kansas City Chiefs signed him to a six-year deal worth up to $60 million dollars.

Berry was the fifth overall pick in the NFL Draft and he could be a superstar player but those who make an NFL bet are surprised by the amount of money being paid to a rookie safety.

NFL betting odds list the Chiefs as long shots to win the Super Bowl this season.  Getting Eric Berry could be a great move for Kansas City as he was the one impact player in the NFL Draft.  Paying him $60 million dollars though is another story. The NFL has a major problem with rookie salaries that they have to address and it could be that a lockout will be needed to change the system.

Rookies are getting way to much money in the NFL.  It has been this way for years and many NFL owners are tired of it.  The Chiefs paid Tyson Jackson a ton of money as a rookie and he has done nothing so far.  He is not the only player who has failed to live up to his big contract.  JaMarcus Russell was a major bust in Oakland but he got millions of dollars from the Raiders before he ever played a down.

When you really look at the contract that Berry received from the Chiefs you have to shake your head. He is going to be paid more money than a top safety like Troy Polamalu who has already proven himself in the NFL.  That is not to say that Berry won’t be a great NFL player. He may turn out to be superb in the NFL but when players are paid before they even play a down it is a bad business decision.

Kansas City is a 70-1 long shot to win the Super Bowl this season but they do play in a division in which they could win some games. The AFC West has the San Diego Chargers, Oakland Raiders and Denver Broncos and even though the Chargers are heavy favorites in the division, they have yet to do anything in the playoffs. Kansas City could be a team that is worth taking with an NFL bet from time to time this season.

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