NFL Betting: New Orleans Saints vs. Minnesota Vikings

December 20, 2011 NFL Football

The NFL season sees the 10-3 New Orleans Saints visit the 2-11 Minnesota Vikings in an NFC game between a Super Bowl contender and a team playing out the string. The game should be one with a good bit of scoring.

Saints Come Marching In – It is sometimes hard to believe that only five years ago, the New Orleans Saints where the perennial laughing stock of the NFL. Since then, Drew Brees has led the team to a Super Bowl victory. After a down year, the first place Saints look to be the only team that has a realistic chance of stopping the Green Bay Packers from having a perfect season this year.


The Saints come marching into Minnesota in fine form with a five game winning streak. The offense is purring with Brees threatening to break Dan Marino’s all time passing yardage record for a single season. The offense has so many skilled players it isn’t funny, but the breakout of stud tight end Jimmy Graham has made the offense all the more impressive and even better than it was during the Super Bowl season. Start your Football Betting action on New Orleans Saints vs. Minnesota Vikings game.

If the Saints have one deficiency, it is their defense. The defense has been very average this year. The defense is the weak link of the team. Unfortunately for Minnesota, they do not have the means to take advantage of it.

Minnesota Fighting Off Anarchy
The Minnesota Vikings are in a transition year and it is not going well. The news out of Minnesota this week is the defensive backs on the team have been ignoring the defensive calls of the defensive coordinator during the game and calling their own cover schemes. That is not exactly a recipe for success against a dynamic passing attack like the one the Saints have.

On offense, the Vikings are trying to break in rookie quarterback Christian Ponder. As with all rookie quarterbacks, Ponder has shown moments of brilliance and moments of shear incompetence. He’s on a rough run at the moment and was benched for a bit last week, so don’t expect any major highlights out of the Vikings passing game. Check the NFL Odds for New Orleans Saints vs. Minnesota Vikings game.

If there is any good news for the Vikings, it is the fact they will have the best running back in the game back in the line-up. Adrian Peterson returns from an ankle sprain, but one has to wonder why the Vikings are putting him back in the lineup with the season lost and reports suggesting he is only 85 percent healthy. One can imagine Christian Ponder is might happy to see him back though!

The Saints are favored by 7 points in this game. This is more a statement of the condition of the Saints defense than anything. Still, it is hard to see a limited Adrian Peterson and rookie quarterback being able to keep up on the scoreboard with the Saints offense. The Saints appear primed to win this game big, which makes the relatively small 7 point spread fairly surprising.

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