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December 1, 2010 NFL Football

In his famous song “Luck Be a Lady Tonight” Frank Sinatra croons about how luck can be with an NFL betting player one minute.

In NFL betting this song has stood the test of time because all pro football bettors can relate when they start their football betting.

When you get into NFL betting it seems, there is very little rhyme, reason, or logic to wagering. But a deeper look into NFL football betting would reveal the reason for all of this; whatever is considered logical is what the masses of asses in the general public will be thinking and the oddsmakers are fully aware of such “conventional wisdom” and adjust the NFL betting odds and lines on their NFL betting boards accordingly.

If you start your football betting and you want Lady Luck on your arm each day in your NFL betting, you have to step outside from the crowd and appeal to her differently. You must think differently than the public, set yourself apart, and stand out in your NFL betting. In fact, if you “fade” the public, (wager against them when they overload one side or total of a game), it is a fact that you will win more than you lose because you put yourself on the side of the sportsbooks in doing so.

There are multitudes of NFL betting traps that the masses of asses fall into. Amongst these football betting traps, there are the “must win” games when a team has to win a game to stay alive or make the playoffs and are coming up against a team with little incentive to play the game. Yet if you look back, how many times can you recall getting burned in your NFL betting by the “must win” team? Remember the NFL betting season back in 2004 when the Buffalo Bills were hosting the Pittsburgh Steelers, who had already clinched the number one seed in the AFC and would be playing their scrubs? All the Bills had to do was beat the Steeler backups at home and they were in the playoffs. The lost as did the masses of asses that went “all in” on them! You see, in NFL betting, Lady Luck is not attracted to the same old same old and wants a man who thinks “outside the bun.”

Do you know of NFL betting fans that always seem to get the breaks, to be on the “right side” of “bad beats” and who always seem to get that backdoor cover, the winning TD or field gal at the gun, etc? These guys win because they are not in a football betting step with everyone else and are wagering on their own and often upstream against the public and what is considered “logical thinking” in NFL betting.

The sooner that you realize in NFL betting that there is no logic or rational thought in sorts gambling the sooner that you will be able to master Lady Luck rather than have her “give you the brush” by being like all of the other suckers. Creative thinking in NFL betting  and using methodology that is completely unorthodox when betting pro football will likely get you a date with Lady Luck that leads to much more!

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