NFL Betting Lines – Vikings Strike back

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Minnesota’s long overdue payout with the NFL betting lines last Sunday has served to calm down their fans and disgusted handicappers after a 0-2 start to the season.

Must Win Payout
The Vikings scored a 24-10 home win over the Detroit Lions to barely get the money as 13 point favorites at Sbgglobal.  It was not a work of art or a masterpiece by quarterback Brett Favre but it was a clutch win none the less as the Vikings could not have afforded a 0-3 start after playing two games at home and heading into the bye week.  At the end of the day Minnesota rallied to the cause under Coach Brad Childress and saved their season.

Lions Grounded
Minnesota went back to the basics in their win with the NFL lines against Detroit has they had a 368-295 edge in total yards thanks in large part to the powerhouse ground attack led by Adrian Peterson, who had a phenomenal day with 160 yards on 23 carries good for 7 yards per pop.  Peterson scored 2 touchdowns and helped cover for another mediocre performance by Favre.

Not in Form Yet
Favre tossed two more interceptions and finished with as 68.4 QB rating in the game as he was 23-34 for 201 yards with 1 touchdown pass.  Favre was sacked twice in the game.  Favre has a poor 60.4 QB rating on the season and an embarrassing 2/6 touchdown to interception ratio.  He has often looked very much like his 40 years and has been immobile.  He is facing more aggressive pass rushing as opponents look to copy the success of the New Orleans Saints in last year’s win in the NFC Championship game.  Favre can use the bye week to get up to speed after skipping training camp again this summer.

Championship Defense
The Vikings will likely have to rely on their 5th ranked defense and Peterson to beat the NFL betting lines.  That is usually the way to the playoffs and certainly the best path for the Vikings as Favre simply cannot carry the team on his shoulders.  Instead, Favre will have to serve as a compliment to Peterson as he did last year.

Breakout Receiver Needed
Favre’s favorite target from last year, Sidney Rice, is out until at least week 7 and the Vikings will struggle with the NFL lines unless they acquire a replacement.

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