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December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL betting lines show favorites and underdogs every week during the NFL season. Most gamblers will look to the favorites in NFL betting odds but is that a good idea? Are underdogs worth a serious look?

NFL betting lines go up and down throughout the season as team’s fortunes rise and fall. The NFL is full of parity and it seems anything can happen each season. This is good news if you are wagering on underdogs versus the NFL betting lines.

The thing to remember about underdogs in NFL betting lines is that they don’t need to win the game straight up. Even a team like Detroit can cover the NFL betting odds without winning the game. True, you probably don’t want to wager on the Lions, but that doesn’t mean they can’t cover the NFL betting odds. In the NFL teams don’t have to win by large margins like they do in college football to impress the pollsters. A victory by one point counts the same as a win by 30 points.

Whenever you are considering an underdog versus the NFL betting lines you get an added bonus. Most of the time the public is going to be on the other side and that is usually good news for you. Rarely do you want to be on the same side as the public versus NFL betting odds. Most average bettors love favorites because they are wagering on a straight up basis rather than a pointspread basis versus NFL betting lines.

Many bettors just don’t have the guts to take the inferior team no matter how many points they are getting in NFL betting lines. They see a good team and they don’t care about laying the points in NFL betting lines. This is why underdogs can be good wagers versus the NFL betting lines. Underdogs oftentimes are getting more points than they should because the NFL is a public sport.

Having said all of this you just can’t take every underdog and make a lot of money versus NFL betting lines. Some seasons you may make a little coin by strictly playing dogs, but picking your spots is a better idea versus the NFL betting lines.

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