NFL Betting Lines Teasers

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

How would you like to get an extra 6, 6.5 or 7 points on your NFL betting lines?

That is what you can get when you bet teasers in NFL betting lines. A football betting teaser lets you move the NFL betting lines to your benefit by 6 to 7 points. You can select any number of teams on your teaser, from 2 to 12 teams and the payoffs increase with each team you add.

The first question to answer when we look at teasers in NFL betting lines is “Are they a good bet?” There are some instances where NFL teasers can be good bets. The first thing to remember about betting anything in NFL lines is that the league is very balanced. Parity exists throughout the NFL and this makes for more competitive games. This is good news for the teaser football betting player because closer games mean more wins on the teaser.

Let’s take a look at what makes the teaser bet attractive and possibly profitable in NFL betting lines. Each week you will see teams in the NFL that are small favorites of less than a touchdown. Let’s say you like the Steelers this week at home against the Browns and they are a 7 point favorite. You can put them on a 6.5 point teaser and now all Pittsburgh has to do is win the game. You can also find a team that is a 3 or 4 point favorite and tease them where you will now be receiving 3 points instead of giving them. This can be very beneficial in a close game where either team wins by a field goal. It is even more advantageous if the teaser you bet is a “ties win” teaser in NFL betting lines.

When looking at a teaser you also have to decide how many teams to include. Two team NFL teasers usually require you to lay -110 or -120 in NFL betting lines to win your $100. Three team teasers and up will pay off at plus money and vary in price depending upon the amount of teams and points involved in NFL betting lines. Unless it is a very normal week in the NFL, which doesn’t happen that often, it might be a better idea to limit your teasers to 2-4 teams in NFL betting lines. The one that is my favorite is the three team teaser because it only requires you to win three games and yet still has a plus football betting money payoff.

Teasers are a very interesting bet in NFL betting lines and have actually gained popularity in recent years, probably because the NFL is ultra-competitive. They are still not huge value bets in NFL betting lines, but they definitely have a place in the overall football betting picture.

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