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December 1, 2010 NFL Football

If you want to win when looking at NFL betting lines then a great place to start is by observing what the losers do.

That may sound contradictory but in reality you want to follow losers in NFL betting so you don’t make the same mistakes they do.  It is definitely a fact that many people looking at NFL betting lines lose money and you can learn from them by not doing what they do.  Why do so many football betting players lose money when considering NFL betting lines?

The main reason most people lose money when looking at NFL betting lines is that they don’t know what they are doing.  They think they understand NFL betting lines but in reality they do not. Many times you will meet people that know a lot about NFL football but that doesn’t do them much good when considering NFL betting lines. These people can tell you the third-string quarterbacks of each team, the starting offensive and defensive lines, all of the injuries, the coaches, etc. And yet with all of this knowledge, they lose money hand over fist week after week when considering NFL betting lines because they don’t know what to do with all of their information.

What does this mean as you look at NFL betting lines? What this ultimately means is that the winners that look at NFL betting lines do so in a detached way and look at the bigger picture.  These gamblers are more clear and ready to win when looking at football betting than the so-called experts that have a lot of knowledge. Instead of becoming an expert on NFL football, the key is to become an expert on looking at NFL betting lines and that is entirely different. Sportsbooks are in the business of winning and they make money based on what the public perception of the NFL betting line is.  The few that beat the sportsbooks realize that they are going outside of the NFL game itself and looking at other factors.  That is why the people with a lot of NFL knowledge continue to lose money every season when looking at NFL betting lines.

The keys to winning when you look at NFL betting lines are to really focus on football betting instead of the players or coaches.  Learn what football betting is all about and what it takes to win when analyzing the NFL betting lines instead of the names of all the players.  That is a big part of learning how to win at football betting.

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