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December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Sometimes as you look at the NFL betting lines you can immediately throw teams out that are not worth a wager just by looking at the organization.

Football betting players can often eliminate games when looking at the NFL betting lines because certain organizations in the NFL continually lose every season.  Those are not the teams you want to be wagering on in football betting and by identifying these teams you can save yourself from losing NFL wagers against the NFL betting lines.

The first team to really stay away from when you look at NFL betting lines is the Detroit Lions.  They have failed at every turn when it comes to winning NFL games.  They have a nice owner but one that does not know NFL football.  The Fords would be great to work for but you don’t want your money on their football team.  Any team that has Matt Millen running the team is in serious trouble and that is exactly the case for Detroit.  You should almost always avoid Detroit as you look at the NFL lines.

Another team to avoid throughout the years when looking at NFL betting lines has been the Arizona Cardinals. The ownership group in Arizona has gone through multitudes of coaches and players and nothing has worked and they have continually lost money against the NFL betting lines.  The one constant in Arizona through the big mess of losing has been the poor ownership of the Bidwell family. That has proven to be the one common factor in the losing for Arizona.  Perhaps things will change in Arizona but when looking at NFL betting lines you really have to be careful taking Arizona in football betting.

Another team that has continually lost money for football betting players against the NFL betting lines in recent seasons has been the Oakland Raiders. They have an owner that really doesn’t seem to understand the game any more and many problems as an organization.  Perhaps that will change with new coaching but football betting players usually want to stay away from betting the Raiders against NFL betting lines.  Another team that has consistently lost for those that look at NFL betting lines is the Cleveland Browns.  The ownership in Cleveland has done nothing but make bad decisions.  The Browns are definitely a risky proposition for those looking at NFL betting lines.

When you look at NFL betting lines you can oftentimes throw out many games because you don’t want to be putting money on losing teams.  That helps you narrow things down when looking at NFL betting lines and that is a good thing.

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