NFL Betting Lines Season Win Totals

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Betting NFL season win totals in NFL betting lines is a type of future wager.

That is offered each year by many sportsbooks around the world before the NFL football betting season. Usually these numbers are put out by sportsbooks in July or August. There are some things to consider if you are looking at NFL betting lines in season win totals, and we’ll look at some of them now.

It doesn’t matter if your bet wins after 8 or 10 games, you still have to wait until the whole season is over before getting paid. Keep this in mind when looking at Season win totals on NFL betting lines. If you are going to tie up money all season, then you want to really have excellent wagers in mind. What you will find with NFL betting season win totals is that many sportsbooks don’t like to move the number; instead they prefer to move the NFL lines associated with the number. For example, let’s say the Patriots win total is 11 games.

If they get heavy action on the over they will not move the total to 11.5 but instead will move it to 11 and make you lay -140 or more on the over. This prevents the sportsbook from getting middled if they move a win total too far in NFL betting lines. Sometimes you will see a number move, but not very often. More likely is the case where they will ask you to lay big money on NFL betting lines.

The next main factor to consider in football betting season win totals is the “wiseguy” factor. It is very rare to see NFL season win totals stay the same. The football betting wiseguys usually hit these games pretty hard, although the limits on these games are usually pretty small. Following these wiseguy plays is not always a bad idea, but very often you have to pay the premium price, the higher of NFL betting lines to do so. If you are going to make substantial NFL football betting season win total bets, then doing so early is the way to go, but the problem with doing that is the preseason. Injuries could happen during the preseason that makes your bet look bad in NFL betting lines. It is up to you, but I prefer to wait until the entire preseason is over. Wiseguys have their opinions, but the NFL is so parity filled that I am not sold on any of their NFL betting lines as being sure things. Waiting it out may be a better strategy.

NFL season win totals are usually only heavily bet on NFL betting lines by the wiseguys, but that doesn’t mean they always win, and it doesn’t mean the average gambler can’t be involved. If you have a favorite team and want action all season long, it is not a bad way to go when looking at NFL betting lines.

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