NFL Betting Injury Factor

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

When you look at NFL betting one factor you don’t want to overlook is the injury factor.

Injuries are part of NFL betting and they can be important to your handicapping as you consider NFL betting.  It is definitely important to know key NFL injuries but you also don’t want to overreact and that is what football betting players do. Let’s look closer at the NFL injury factor and what makes it important in NFL football betting.

In NFL betting you will see that injuries are listed for every NFL team.  The NFL requires that teams release injury information each week.  The problem for football betting players is that NFL coaches don’t like to tell the truth about injuries.  They want to keep things as secret as possible.  That means what you see in the official NFL injury report might not tell the whole story.  You should know that when you see probable it means a player will play.  If you see questionable it means he probably will play.  When it says doubtful it means a player may not play and usually when a player is out he really won’t play.  A big key in NFL betting when talking about injuries is the backup players. Usually in the NFL the backups are pretty good but that is not always the case.  Some teams are deeper than others and sometimes injuries will be more important with certain teams in football betting.  What NFL betting players fail to remember about injuries is that very often a team will play harder to make up for the loss of an injured player the first week when they are out.  For example, let’s say that Donovan McNabb was out this week for the Eagles.  The NFL betting lines may move as much as three points or more but the value will be with the Eagles that first week in NFL betting because the team makes up for the loss of the injured player by playing harder.  The value is then lost the next week when things get back to normal in NFL betting.  This is a part of NFL injuries that football betting players forget.  They see a key player missing and automatically bet the other team in NFL betting.  Don’t you make that same mistake in NFL betting.

You want to remember that the public bets NFL games more so than any other sporting games.  The public always overreacts to NFL injuries in terms of NFL betting. They are not the only ones that overreact in NFL betting.  Everyone completely overreacts to the missing player including the opposing team. When betting NFL games remember that injuries can affect NFL betting, but not nearly to the point that most people believe.  Your big tip in regards to NFL betting is to not overreact, especially the first week when an injured player is out.