NFL Betting Handicapping

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Check for motivational angles when betting on NFL football such as revenge or special divisional rivalry for betting on NFL football.

NFL betting handicapping can be done in a variety of ways. There are a lot of things to consider when you are betting on NFL football. Let’s look at simple checklist for you to utilize when you handicap each game in NFL betting.

NFL betting handicapping can start by looking at the defense. Which team has the better defense? You will find that the better defensive teams are more often than not also the most profitable teams against the NFL betting lines. There is a reason for the cliché that says, “Defense wins games.” If the stronger defensive team in the matchup is the underdog, you may be on to something.

Next is the line of scrimmage. You will find that the teams that rush the ball the best and are most effective at stopping the rush will usually be near the top of the NFL betting profit standings. No matter what type of offensive strategy is in vogue, football games are still won up front, in the trenches, and there is nothing more demoralizing for a team than to be dominated up front, except perhaps to have money riding on such a team in NFL betting.

Quarterbacking would be next when betting on NFL football. A good quarterback and passing attack can keep a team in a game and rally them when they are behind. Teams with good air attacks can be dangerous dogs in NFL betting that often sneak through the “back door” with covers.

Turnover ratio would be another critical subject on the NFL betting checklist. Teams that turn the ball over are horrible investments and cause for considerable frustration in NFL betting. There is nothing worse than to have money on a team that is otherwise dominating only to blow the game and your NFL betting wager by literally giving it all away. On the other hand there is nothing better than a “lucky win” on a team in NFL betting that forces a lot of turnovers and steals games with their ability to get the ball.