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December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Do you understand what an NFL betting handicapper does each week? Let’s look at the questions of NFL handicappers and examine what they are, and if you need one

An NFL betting handicapper is someone that does research on NFL games and gives out NFL betting picks on those games. You might be an NFL handicapper yourself. The question becomes “How do we choose the best football betting handicapper?”

The first thing with choosing anything in life, including an NFL handicapper is past performance. You want to find an NFL football betting handicapper that has a solid winning record. You really want someone that hits between 55 and 60 percent. Many people will look for 70 percent or higher but the problem with those numbers is that it is unlikely anyone can provide that type of percentage, so it is probably a lie. You may see higher percentages in sports like baseball or hockey since those two sports involve an NFL betting line, but in football or basketball you are laying points and winning a high percentage of the time is unlikely.

Something else to look for when choosing an NFL handicapper is the person’s NFL betting knowledge. The good NFL handicappers have a solid football betting knowledge and give you reasons for their selections. You might be a very football betting handicapper yourself. Some NFL betting handicappers are good enough that they don’t need to give facts or reasons for their plays or they have been around long enough that people know they are good.

Something else to look for when choosing an NFL betting handicapper is how long they have been in business. How long has the handicapper you are looking at been giving out selections? If he has been around 10 years or more with a proven winning record then you have probably found someone good.

What things should worry you when looking at a handicapper? If the handicapper ever calls you they are almost assuredly a loser and in business to sell football betting picks, not make them. If you can’t find a record of previous NFL betting selections is very wary. Always avoid any service that promotes their selections with a lot of hype and remember that you must be able to avoid the NFL handicapping service. A month’s service might cost you $330 or more, so be prepared to pay that if you find someone good.

When choosing an NFL betting handicapper, take some of these things into consideration and remember that finding good selections is not an easy task. If you can’t find a good NFL handicapper then take the time to do the work yourself and handicap your own NFL betting games. Oftentimes that is the best NFL handicapping method.

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