NFL Betting Guidance

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

As you get involved in NFL betting you will learn that very few things are set in stone.

NFL betting is constantly changing and while some factors are good guides, very few should be taken as gospel.  Let’s consider some of the traps that football betting players can fall into if they are not careful.

One major trap that many NFL betting players fall into is to follow football betting trends as a major handicapping factor. These NFL betting players will read a strong trend and look at it above everything else.  They will ignore all other important facts and statistics that may actually point them to the other side of the game. NFL betting players also forget that the football betting oddsmakers also know about the super trends and will adjust their lines accordingly if they feel the trend will attract NFL betting action.

Just as some NFL betting players fall in love with trends, others fall in love with statistics.  Some NFL betting players focus solely on rushing yardage, others on passing yardage, others on defensive numbers, etc. It doesn’t matter what the statistic, NFL betting players can focus far too much on one thing and ignore everything else.

Another factor that NFL betting players look at too much is the injury factor.  For example, if a starting quarterback is out many NFL betting players will immediately bet the other side thinking that they know something the oddsmaker does not.  They forget that pro football is a team sport and backup players are good and that teams play harder to make up for an injured star going down. They also forget that the oddsmaker has already adjusted the NFL betting line to compensate for the missing player.

Another major mistake made by NFL betting players is to place too much emphasis on the previous game of either team as they consider the football betting line.  Every team is going to have a bad game.  Many times NFL betting players look only at the last game they saw and forget that teams bounce back from poor efforts.  Just looking at what happened in the previous game leads many football betting players to make poor choices for the current week’s games.

The bottom line with all of this is that when NFL betting players overreact to anything it is bad news.  If you want to win at NFL betting then you must take into account many factors and not zero in on just one thing.  That is what winning football betting players do and it is what you can start doing this NFL betting season.

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