NFL Betting from Week to Week

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

A money management plan is necessary for NFL betting fans; it should involve wagering limits during any given week of the football betting season

The NFL betting season is quite long, consisting of four weeks of preseason football betting action, 17 weeks of regular season football betting action, and a final four weeks of playoff football betting action. NFL betting fans should therefore have a sound money management policy that guides how they wager throughout the NFL betting year. Nevertheless, NFL betting enthusiasts should recognize that some weeks present more NFL betting value than others, so a good money management plan should always involve a certain degree of flexibility.

NFL betting will always seem more promising during some weeks than others. During the regular season gamblers enjoy an NFL betting board that typically contains over a dozen games to analyze. Any given gambler will inevitably find great value in some of the NFL betting lines, a little value in other NFL betting lines, and absolutely no value in the rest of the NFL betting lines. From week to week there will also be variance in the number of games on the NFL betting board in which a gambler perceives value. Consequently, it makes sense for the gambler to wager more in some weeks than others.

Nevertheless, a good money management plan always allows for some flexibility to accommodate the varying value that is found in the NFL betting board. If a gambler sees value in several of the NFL betting lines in one week then he should wager on them, even if it involves wagering more than he would in a normal week. On the other hand, when the gambler sees little value in the NFL betting lines during a certain week, then the gambler should wager accordingly and constrain his betting. Therefore, just as the gambler should not restrict himself from wagering on promising NFL betting lines, he should not force himself to wager on unpromising NFL betting lines. Furthermore, the week to week changes in how much a gambler wagers should be a function of the value perceived in the NFL betting lines and not a function of how much the gambler decides he desires to win in the given week. Gamblers who manage their bankroll with a combination of strictness and flexibility have the best strategy to accommodate the week to week realities of NFL betting.