NFL Betting First Halves

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL betting in terms of first halves continues to increase in popularity at sportsbooks.

When you wager on halves, you simply bet on the first or the second half of a game only, with the other half of the game having no relevance or impact on your wager.  Let’s consider first half NFL betting and some things to keep in mind.

NFL betting options almost always include a first half line.  Gamblers will have a choice of pointspread sides, over/under totals, and, in many cases, a money line. First half wagering is ideal for those involved in NFL betting that believe a team is going to come out fast and jump all over their opponents to establish a big lead. Conversely a first half wager would also be ideal for those involved with online NFL betting who believed that a team is going to be sluggish or struggle early on.

You have to remember in the second half of games, if the NFL betting matchup is degenerating into a rout, the lesser team may sneak through the “backdoor” and cover the NFL betting spread as the superior team would tend to empty their bench and perhaps play more sloppy.  That is not a worry with a first half NFL betting wager.

Another thing to keep in mind with online NFL betting in the first half of games is that in those expected blowouts, there can also be a significant affect on the over/under total.  In the first half you usually get a true indication of the strength of the teams while second halves can turn into a game of second stringers. Beyond that, some NFL betting gamblers like to wager on the first half only to set up a potential “Martingale” wager for the second half in which they will double up their half time bet if they lost the first half NFL betting wager.  This is a way to have two chances to win on the same team with your online NFL betting wagers.  Bet them in the first half and if they don’t cover, bet them in the second half.  The same strategy could apply to an online NFL betting total.  If you like a game over the total, then bet it over on the NFL betting first half line.  If you win the pocket the money but if you lose, double up on the halftime NFL betting number.