NFL Betting Dogs

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL betting dogs are not very popular with most gamblers but oftentimes they can be profitable.

Whenever you look over an online NFL betting matchup, look first at the dog as that can be where you find solid value. There are several key reasons why the dogs are, more often than not, the value added play in NFL betting.

NFL betting underdogs usually give you more value than the favorites because the public loves favorites. One of the big misconceptions that is often made and expressed in regards to the NFL betting line is that the favorite is always the better team, and that the oddsmakers set the lines based on the pure merits of the two teams. By thinking this way, an online NFL betting gambler would always take things at face value. And by doing so, he not only doesn’t find value, he often ends up laying too many points.

Perhaps you are catching on to something about the NFL betting odds. The first key to winning versus the online NFL betting odds is to understand how the odds are made. The wrong team is sometimes favored on the NFL betting board because of public perception. That’s right, just because a team is the favorite on the NFL betting board does not mean that the team is the superior of the two in the matchup.

All of this leads into one of the great myths of NFL betting, which is the so-called home field advantage. As with many things in NFL betting, what appears to be an advantage is in fact exactly the opposite on the online NFL betting board. The reason for this is because the NFL betting odds know that the public is inclined to take the home team, and is loathed to take a team on the road, especially a dog, which means that the price on home chalks is often too high. Dogs are not always attractive, sometimes tough to bet, but they can be very valuable as you are betting NFL games.

Taking underdogs in NFL betting is something you had better get used to if you want to make money in the long term.

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