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December 1, 2010 NFL Football

For the serious NFL betting player, the game never ends

Much like a national football league coach, the NFL betting fan doesn’t just do his work on game day. In fact, game day is the culmination of all of the work done in PREPARATION for the game itself. As is the case for every NFL betting season, 2005 had its share of lessons for the astute football betting player that can be applied to future seasons. Not only does each team have a story but also prime examples of what to do and what not to do for pro football betting players.

Part of a good NFL betting fan’s preparation for the upcoming season is a thorough examination of each team’s results of the previous year, from preseason through the post season as there are lessons, examples, and scenarios that will apply for many years to come. While the teams, coaches, and locations may change the actual scenarios often remain the same, going back decades, and it is an excellent training tool for the serious gambler to study and learn from the examples of the past in order to apply them to the future.

The NFL is comprised of a wide variety of different teams each and every year that many NFL betting players will categorize before the season starts.

There are the veteran teams that seem to hang around in contention year after year such as the New England Patriots. Such teams are often poor values as the general NFL betting public is accustomed to using such highly regarded clubs as a “meal ticket.”

There are up and coming clubs like Washington and Cincinnati who have been down for many years, but primed to move into contender status and who may suffer a loss of value in football betting lines once the “word” is out and the surprise is gone.

There are the perennial doormats such as the Arizona Cardinals, who seem to constantly be trying new makeovers with the same results. These teams, however, can also become poor values to oppose because of their weak reputations and that drives the opposition price up too high in NFL betting lines.

Preseason also has its share of lessons to learn, and is often a good time for pro football betting players to cash in if they do their homework.

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