NFL Betting and the Home Field Advantage

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL betting is interesting to get involved in and the games are great to handicap. Part of this handicapping is home field advantage.

How much is home field advantage really worth when we are talking about Pro football betting? NFL betting home field advantage is thought to be the standard three points. The reality about home field advantage though is that the 3 point number is just that, a number. True home field advantage in NFL betting varies with each team and it is not a generic number.

For example, let’s say we are talking about New England at home in December versus Tampa Bay. You can’t arbitrarily assign an extra three points to New England and be correct. In reality it might be that New England’s advantage might be more like 6 points in this NFL betting example. Look at the difference in NFL betting. If you just generically used the 3 points with New England you are going to be off by three points because you didn’t factor in the Patriots playing at home in cold weather and the Bucs playing out of their warm weather home.

There are various factors that an NFL betting gambler can take into account to determine home field advantage and be more accurate than the generic number of three. These factors include weather, playing surface, fan base, and competitive nature of the team in Pro football betting. For many years Arizona was not very competitive and giving them an automatic three points at home was just not warranted in NFL betting. Conversely a team like Kansas City was extremely tough at home and only assigning 3 extra points was not nearly enough in NFL betting. Both of those situations have changed as the Chiefs are no longer that strong while the Cardinals are better. After an NFL betting gambler takes into account other handicapping issues such as motivation, morale, matchups and statistics he can then decide how to adjust the home field advantage number in Pro football betting.

Coming up with the home field advantage number in NFL betting is not as simple as most people make it out to be. If you can remember this one fact you are already ahead of the masses of people that get involved in Pro football betting. If you can take the time to evaluate home field advantage from a betting perspective and not just a generic perspective, then you can go a long way to improving your NFL betting results.

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